No Corona Blues at OPINION – Generate Qualitative Insights Digitally

The key word of the moment now surely is the Corona exit, to escape from the beginning blues that follows the great number of Corona restrictions.

People as well as companies and politics equally search for a way to overcome the crisis.

The impetus is presumably guided by individual motives and needs, equally torn between the desire to return to old routines and the search for stability and perspective.

The result is a new order of values. Everyone is demanded and challenged rationally and emotionally!

As experts for consumer behaviour, we offer you the possibility to stay in touch with your consumers and customers, despite contact restrictions

Use the chance to understand the new dynamics and agility of the consumers and to further expand and strengthen the trust into your brand, your company.

Generate with OPINION e.g. individual insights via digital focus groups or in-depth explorations. While it was rather strange to meet virtually 6 weeks ago, it is now for many a new everyday life.

We at Opinion are happy to offer you our expertise and the conduction of a qualitative project via modern means of communication. For that we rely on established partners and solutions (from software to moderation) as well as anonymity and data protection of participants and the confidential treatment of your ideas.


Qualitative Studies - Digitally with Opinion (PDF download)


You need reliable facts? Also here we are of course at your side, whether in the test studio (observing the contact restrictions) or as usual via online surveys.


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