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Located in the German city of Nuremberg, OPINION is a leading market research institute for ad hoc and tracking studies. OPINION is part of the INTEGRAL-SINUS-OPINION Group.

For more than 25 years, we have been helping our clients to understand what motivates their customers around the world. Our long-standing experience makes us true experts in consumer behaviour. We get to the heart of complex matters by taking the right methodological approaches, providing easy-to-digest reports and clever insights. Individual, innovative and inspirational.

And what motivates your customers? We’ll help you find out.

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We use a wide range of innovative and proven quantitative and qualitative market research methods to analyse what makes your consumers tick and how they reach decisions.


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International market research studies

As a member of the Research Alliance, a global network of independent institutes, we connect international and local research.

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Effective on-pack communication

Clean labelling with convincing ingredient declarations and compelling claims.


Consumers today are paying closer attention to what they buy and want to know more about the ingredients in the products they use - and that goes for foods, beverages and non-food categories like personal and home care. Consumers’ thirst for transparency has given rise to a movement toward clean labelling: Clean labels tell consumers which “good” ingredients such as natural or organic ingredients are included and what is excluded e.g. “no added sugar/preservatives”.

To spread the word, a focus on on-pack communication is a smart move as the packaging is the most important source of information for learning about products. Clean labelling on pack comprises the ingredient declaration as well as the front-of-pack messages conveyed. Claims on how products are made, such as fair trade, take transparency even a step further.

Understanding what drives consumers‘ purchase decisions is essential to successfully develop and position a clean label product. For instance, are they looking for all natural flavours and colours, or recognizable ingredient names? Manufacturers can only meet those expectations when having a clear idea of what “clean label” means for their consumers – e.g. by avoiding ingredients consumers do not recognize or perceive as harmful, or removing certain ingredients such as artificial colours.

Opinion developed two approaches dedicated to these elements of the on-pack communication: The ingredient check and the claim selector.

  • Ingredient Check: Identify the ingredients that resonate most with consumers.
  • Claim Selector: Determine the most compelling claims for product communication.

Both tools integrate qual and quant techniques, simultaneously giving you the “what” and “why” that illustrates what’s driving consumer behaviour. The approaches have been applied to various products of the food, beverage and personal/home care category in over 20 countries across the globe.

Together we can work out how to design clean labels in a way that motivates your consumers’ behaviour.

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Market research has its very own unique set of vocabulary. We explain the nuts and bolts of our methods and show you what’s relevant. 

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