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That’s a matter of opinion. We provide insight into consumer behaviour. OUR METHODS

There’s a person behind each and every piece of market research data.

Located in the German city of Nuremberg, OPINION is a leading market research institute for ad hoc and tracking studies. OPINION is part of the INTEGRAL-SINUS-OPINION Group.

For more than 25 years, we have been helping our clients to understand what motivates their customers around the world. Our long-standing experience makes us true experts in consumer behaviour. We get to the heart of complex matters by taking the right methodological approaches, providing easy-to-digest reports and clever insights. Individual, innovative and inspirational.

And what motivates your customers? We’ll help you find out.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you.

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Everyone dances to a different tune

We use a wide range of innovative and proven quantitative and qualitative market research methods to analyse what makes your consumers tick and how they reach decisions.


Successful product development all the way up to the launch or relaunch

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Winning brand and communication strategies

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Create great customer experiences

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International market research studies

International market research studies

As a member of the Research Alliance, a global network of independent institutes, we connect international and local research.

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INTEGRAL + SINUS + OPINION: Three successful market research institutes merged into one group

The INTEGRAL-SINUS Group has merged with OPINION to form the new INTEGRAL-SINUS-OPINION Group.

Rolf Körling (left), Manfred Tautscher (middle) und Bertram Barth (right)

The INTEGRAL-SINUS Group has merged with OPINION to form the new INTEGRAL-SINUS-OPINION Group.

Integral-SINUS-OPINION is a medium-sized group, owner-managed and independent, while at the same time broadly networked with a number of successful cooperation partners – both nationally and internationally. Integral, Sinus, and Opinion will continue to operate independently in the market, while benefitting from complementary competencies and offerings, as well as a synchronised corporate philosophy that focuses on high quality and the satisfaction of clients and employees.

Together, these three institutes stand for over 100 years of experience in market and social research in the DACH region and worldwide. What distinguishes this group is transfer competence: many years of experience translated into innovation and foresight, both in terms of methods, solutions to our clients’ challenges, and growth opportunities for our employees.

Here you can find further information (pdf).

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Chemical industry
Pharma products (OTC)
Household products & cleaning agents
Durable goods
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iHUT, moment of truth und brand tracking?

Market research has its very own unique set of vocabulary. We explain the nuts and bolts of our methods and show you what’s relevant. 

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