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Market research for brands and communication

We help you to develop winning brand and communication strategies that give you a competitive edge. Our market research experts lend their support by providing meaningful, detailed insights as you conduct your campaign management and brand development work.

Our methods
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Claim testing

Which promotional claims are so compelling that they entice consumers to put your products straight into their shopping baskets? You can use the OPINION Claim Selector to identify claims with the greatest potential of attracting customers.

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Ad tracking

By collecting awareness data and key performance indicators (KPI), OPINION Ad Tracking measures whether and how well campaigns are recalled by their target audience.

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Brand tracking

Give your brand a full health check. We gauge your brand’s health, measure its performance drivers and record changes over time. Monitoring your brand image allows us to identify your brand’s current status and potential as well as any risks it may face.

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Brand positioning

Design distinctive brands that your customers value. An effective brand strategy makes your brand more relevant to your customers, creates brand values and helps you stand out from the competition.

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Packaging test

Turn your product’s packaging into a touchpoint at the point of sale. The OPINION PackTest improves the shelf impact and communicative performance of your packaging and helps it to better fit with your brand.

Advertising test

What promises does your campaign make? Do your new adverts communicate the intended key messages? Are the messages correctly understood? What motives and testimonials are best received by your target audience? Our advertising tests answer these questions.

Ingredient Check

Earn and keep consumers' trust in your products by transparent information about what you put into them: Find out which ingredients resonate most with your consumers with the OPINION Ingredient Check.



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