PRODUCTS Successful product development all the way up to the launch or relaunch

Market research for products

Our market research solutions support you throughout your product’s life cycle – from the drawing up of ideas and product refinement to the launch or relaunch.

We are on hand every step of the way to ensure your products are moving in the right direction, to keep your portfolio up to date and to boost your chances of market success.

Our methods
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Concept testing

How promising are your product ideas? Which idea has the greatest potential? The OPINION Concept Screen identifies which ideas will give you the best chance of securing future market success.

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Product testing

Does your product do what it says on the tin, is there room for improvement or do you need to make more sweeping changes? We investigate how consumers experience and perceive your product at every stage of the development in order to help you understand.

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Product tracking

Does your product fulfil market requirements? Monitor how it performs against the competition in the long term. Do you need to make any modifications in order to secure or improve its market position?

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Price testing

Maximise your margins by devising appropriate price strategies that make the most of how much your consumers are willing to spend.

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Scent testing

Create product experiences that play on the emotions and make your product stand out from the competition by giving it the “right” scent.

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Portfolio analysis

Employ strategic portfolio policies to maximise your customer base. Use the OPINION Portfolio Optimiser to tailor the range of products you offer at the POS perfectly to your customers’ needs.

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U&A studies

Discover what your customers want and require and develop innovative products that fulfill their unmet needs. Usage & attitude studies provide detailed insights into how your product categories work.




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