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Market research for the retail industry

Fantastic shopping experiences boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, both of which have a positive impact on your business relationships. We help you to improve how your customers experience your brands and products across a range of touchpoints.

Our methods
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Shopper research

Get to know your buyers (better) by finding out more about how, where and when they shop, the processes they follow, what makes them tick and what types of buyer they are.

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Promotion testing

We measure the attractiveness and reach of your promotions across your sales channels in order to identify the best promotional strategies for increasing turnover.

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Portfolio analysis

What types of buyers are out there and what is your ideal product portfolio? Use the OPINION Portfolio Optimiser to maximise your customer base by employing strategic portfolio policies.

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Post-launch diagnostics

Gather initial feedback from your customers immediately after launching your new product. Find out who your buyers are, their thoughts on and experiences with your product, how satisfied they are and why.



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