Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction - don't just measure it!
We compare and understand customer satisfaction.

With the help of customer satisfaction research, we not only answer the question of whether your customers are satisfied but also how much and why or why not. Our Customer Satisfaction Management Tool is based on a triad of measuring, comparing, and understanding. This enables customised applications of the model in your own organisation and comparing it to the competition.

Through various survey methods, we have the opportunity to carry out targeted measurements and surveys that lead to robust results. Isolated results do not provide any added value as they are difficult to interpret and categorise. In order to align measures in a concrete and targeted manner, it is necessary to know where you stand, both within the company and in comparison to the competition.

We can carry out internal and external benchmarking for you, and of course we will not leave you alone with the results. It is important to understand the mechanisms of customer satisfaction in order to build customer loyalty in the long term. We will show you how the satisfaction of your customers can be influenced, which aspects play a decisive role, and which screws need to be turned in order to benefit from the satisfaction of your customers.

Our Customer Satisfaction Management Tool can be used in many ways:

  • Measuring the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers
  • Multivariate analyses to measure the factors influencing customer satisfaction
  • Competitor analyses and comparisons
  • Internal and external benchmarking of service and management standards
  • Action planning with the aim of sustainable customer loyalty

When it comes to customer satisfaction research, we rely on the more than 30 years of experience of our sister institute, INTEGRAL, which conducts more than 60,000 interviews per year on this topic, both nationally and internationally, and supports us in handling and conducting the studies.

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