Persona development: archetypes instead of stereotypes

Personas are fictitious but very realistic designs of characters that represent typical target group representatives - with a concrete face, a memorable name, a vivid story and an individual emotional world.

Personas are more than the mere linking of data points. Personas should be tangible and comprehensible, trigger creative impulses and thus make it easier to understand your "own" target groups.

From workshops to empirical studies - many paths lead to personas

How do you create personas? Personas are always developed as a co-creation process with our clients. The development of personas does not always have to be based on an elaborate research programme (although this is our particular expertise). Personas can also be developed (initially) in workshops.

We help to familiarise users with personas and make them discoverable "in real life"

In cooperation with our field partners, we help you to find personas in "real life" using screening tools (e.g. for surveys or R&D formats).

When it comes to persona development, we rely on the many years of experience of our sister institute SINUS, whose core expertise is the development of strategic target group concepts. Our colleagues at SINUS support us in all phases of the project.

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