OPINION is part of the INTEGRAL-SINUS-OPINION group – a medium-sized group of companies, owner-managed and independent, and at the same time broadly networked with a large number of successful alliances and cooperations.


In addition to OPINION, these include the institutes INTEGRAL, SINUS, SINUS-Consult, Michael Bauer Micromarketing (MBM), and the SINUS Academy, which offers lectures, workshops, and further training. All are active in empirical market and social research as well as marketing consultancy and operate independently, with complementary competences and offerings.

The parent company, INTEGRAL-SINUS GmbH, based in Vienna, was founded in 2010 as the owner of the INTEGRAL (Vienna) and SINUS (Heidelberg/Berlin) institutes. SINUS-Consult, the brand and business consulting subsidiary of SINUS operating in the APAC region, was established in Singapore in 2014. MBM, which specialises in microgeographic analyses and geomarketing, was opened in Düsseldorf in 2020 with the participation of INTEGRAL-SINUS (25%). In 2021, the group was expanded to include OPINION (Nuremberg) to form the INTEGRAL-SINUS-OPINION Group.

Together, these three institutes represent over 100 years of experience in market and social research in the D-A-CH region and worldwide.

What characterises this group is its transfer competence: many years of experience translated into innovative strength and future viability - both in