Behind Every Market Research Figure Is a Person.

Located in the German city of Nuremberg, OPINION is a leading market research institute for ad hoc and tracking studies. OPINION is part of the INTEGRAL-SINUS-OPINION Group.

For more than 25 years, we have been helping our clients to understand what motivates their customers around the world. Our long-standing experience makes us true experts in consumer behaviour. We get to the heart of complex matters by taking the right methodological approaches, providing easy-to-digest reports and clever insights. Individual, innovative and inspirational.

What Does OPINION Do?

Every Person Is Different

We use a variety of quantitative and qualitative market research methods to analyse what makes your consumers tick and how decision-making processes come about - innovative, well-founded and proven.

Market Research for Products

Our market research solutions support you throughout the entire product life cycle - from brainstorming and optimisation through to the launch or relaunch.

Market Research for Brands and Communication

We help you develop convincing strategies for your brand and communication to give you an advantage in a competitive environment.


Identify and understand shopper types, derive promotional measures, and put together ideal product ranges! In-depth knowledge about the shopper.

In Which Sectors Do We Operate?




Cosmetics & Body Care


Pharmaceutical Products (OTC)

Household Products & Cleaning Agents

Consumer Goods




Market research in the area of fast-moving consumer goods and especially in the area of product testing is exciting, very realistic and (almost) always comprehensible.

Thomas Maurer (Managing Director)

Carrying out complex international studies is part of our expertise, as is understanding markets outside Germany. We are often logisticians, analysts and, above all, carers.

Michael Blum (Managing Director)

OPINION was founded more than 25 years ago and it is clear that professionalism, expertise, flexibility and the joint interaction between the institute and the customer are the key to success.

Rolf Körling (Partner)

I have been a fan of our partner OPINION for a long time because they are best in class when it comes to product life cycle research and consulting. I am therefore delighted that they are now part of our group of companies.

Manfred Tautscher (Managing Director of SINUS)