Benchmarking for a Beverage Company – a case study


A market leader in the beverage industry wants to monitor its product quality on an ongoing basis, make comparisons with the competition and identify long-term trends.


The client’s products are tested in studio tests conducted in various Nielsen regions and are compared with the strongest regional competitors. Several waves of testing take place every year and the results are collected in a database to allow for long-term benchmarking. 

Besides a representative sample of the population being surveyed in each region, the analysis focuses on actual users of the brand. By including this important target group, the client can be quickly alerted to any fundamental changes in product quality. 


Over time, the benchmarking enables long-term trends to be identified in terms of the position of the products on the market and the extent to which they stand out from the competition. The study also allows regional preferences in taste to be detected.  

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