Capture Authentic Ethnographic Insights for a Deeper Understanding of Your Consumers


A leading manufacturer of cosmetics has developed a new product that differs from marketed offerings concerning sensory features.

A study should shed light on how this new product is accepted by consumers; whether/how it is satisfying in daily use, and what potential for improvement can be identified. For this purpose, category users were interviewed in a home-use test with a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods.


The test persons used the product for a week at home in their usual environment. At the end of the test phase, they completed a quantitative questionnaire on their experience with the product. A part of the sample was also invited to an online community. The target was to get to know the persons behind the data and to better understand their opinions on the product.

We actively accompanied the community participants with regular tasks and were thus able to experience their product perception over time in authentic situations.

For example, to capture the spontaneous first impression of the participants - surprise or disappointment - the unpacking of the test product was filmed. The first use, advantages and disadvantages of further applications and the general acceptance / competitiveness were worked out with creative methods in order to create an added value compared to the quantitative part and its more rational answers, both with spontaneous reactions as well as reflected contributions and video feedback.


The quantitative results were dominated by one (rather negatively perceived) theme, thus providing less information on other topics. The online community enabled us to tackle this issue and uncover deep insights and potential for improvement that could have been mere hypotheses without the ethnographic insights.

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