Market Research for Product Innovation – a case study


During the launch of a new luxury food product, a company wanted to test the impression created by various design options, identify which options were the most promising and gain an understanding of the impact created by different design features.

Method for the Design Test

A two-stage study was set up with the objective of gaining quantitative facts (via a studio test) and of supplementing these findings with qualitative insights (via focus groups). 


The winning design was confirmed by means of both quantitative and qualitative results. The agile project schedule enabled in-depth insights to be gained into the winning design, for example by examining additional test stimuli in the focus groups. The qualitative “mix & match” yielded some final tips for fine tuning the design. 


The client could take findings concerning the tonality of the design, the attractiveness of various design elements and the importance of information on the new product’s packaging as a basis for developing the communications accompanying the product launch.


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